On Mastery Checking
Mastery Checking is a teaching strategy.Teaching assistant in Universita della Svizzera italiana. Here a normal course takes a midterm and a final exam.What is mastery check anyway?You evaluate by skills.Or why Mastery Checking is not the way to teac [...]
- 1 min read
Reflections on Growing a Programmer
Matthias Felleisen from Northeastern University wrote an essay about how to introduce programming in a freshmen course. The essay — Growing a Programmer — introduces a software engineering approach from the very first day in class.The notes presented [...]
- 5 min read
Static Plug-ins with Variadic Templates in C++: Parsing Java Class Files in a Modular Way
The template meta programming in C++ is a powerful mechanism, so powerful that it is turing-complete.Although with some limitations. They have become even more expressive in C++11. They have added variadic template arguments.How we have used variadic [...]
- 1 min read
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