On Mastery Checking

Sun Nov 17 2019

1 min read

Mastery Checking is a teaching strategy.

Teaching assistant in Universita della Svizzera italiana. Here a normal course takes a midterm and a final exam.

What is mastery check anyway?

You evaluate by skills.

Or why Mastery Checking is not the way to teach.

To many checkings can be a problem for the student.

Anyway, it is NOT a technique to teach, but a technique to evaluate.


The students do not know how to take exams.

this is a big problem. realization is different than thinking?


What do I propose?

Instead of having only midterm and final exams, have more than two. having four to six exams in a subject seems plausible.

Let the students “defend” the exam if they are “almost there”.

My interests include EVM and EVM-based languages, static & dynamic analysis, supercompilation & partial evaluation, functional programming and education in CS.

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